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About Us | TheDreamKillas Productions


Based in New Haven, CT, TheDreamKillas Productions specializes in Hip-Hop, R&B, trap and pop music production. Created by music artists for music artists, TheDreamKillas knows your challenges and expectations and provides high quality music production and music services ranging from beat mixing and vocal mixing to custom beats and beat remakes for rappers, singers, musicians and other artists.


TheDreamKillas Values

Authenticity: Since day one we set out to create our own production style and remain true to our sound regardless of the popular trends to offer you instrumentals and music production services that are truly authentic – just like you and your music.

Creativity: We let go of the clichés, the trends, the predictable and doubled down on creativity and passion for our craft. The result is a service that stands out for all the right reasons and adapts to your needs and style.

High Quality: By combining 7+ years of experience, a production team of experienced artists and sound engineers, and cutting-edge equipment, we offer high quality music services ready to shake up the music industry and turn your project into reality.


Our Mission

TheDreamKillas Productions is set on a mission to provide unique, creative and high-quality music services that fit your needs, style and budget.

To do so, we work together to truly zero in on your needs and capture the essence of your ideas and overall project. Next, our ample range of services – including beat mixing, vocal mixing, custom beats and beat remakes – allows use to adapt to any project, regardless of complexity. And, finally, our team of experienced artists and sound engineers create a final product that stands out and radiates creativity, musicality and personality.


Our Vision

TheDreamKillas Productions was created with a simple vision: to make all genres of music ranging from Hip-Hop and R&B to Pop and Trap – always featuring an original vibe.

Over the years, we have worked with countless artists, took multiple projects from concept to completion, and signed sponsorship deals with a variety of brands, cementing our reputation. Looking ahead, we want to continue to be know for our quality, but above all, for our creativity and personality when it comes to the music we make. Our production style is unique and we aim to share our work with the world and become the next big sound.


Ready to share your next big sound with the world?

Here’s how we can help!


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